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You are here: Home Part Numbers Index Fuel - Fuel Tank (In Cab) & Related Items
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Fuel Tank (In Cab) and Related Items


NOTE: Part and Numbers included on this page pertain to the in-cab fuel tank setup only. They do NOT pertain to the under-cab auxiliary fuel tank setup unless otherwise noted. Items listed might have other applications (other than '67-'72 F100/350 models) that are not included here.

 Body Codes:
 Cab Parts
81 - Conventional cab
  84 - Cowl
  85 - Cowl/Windshield
 Behind Cab Parts
83 - Flareside box
  86 - Platform/Rack
  99 - Styleside box

All part numbers and specifications are as reported in the 1964-1972 Ford Truck Master Parts Catalog 1975 Final Issue unless otherwise noted.

Fuel System and Related Parts
(In-Cab Tank) - Typical
1964-1972 F100/F750

Fuel System and Related Parts (Evaporative Emission System
(with In-Cab Fuel Tank)
1970 F100

Fuel System and Related Parts
(Evaporative Emission System
(with In-Cab Fuel Tank)
1971-1972 F100
Application Part Number Notes
8287 - Clamp, Hose (Filler Tube to Filler Neck)


9002 - Tank Assembly, Fuel
  '67-'69 F100/350
'70-'72 F100/350 (81)(exc. ev/em)


19.5-gal. capacity
Service pkg. includes (1) 372480-S connector
  '70 F100 (81)(with ev/em)


18.5-gal. capacity
  '71-'72 F100 (81)


18.5-gal. capacity
9030 - Cap Assembly, Fuel Tank Filler
  '67-'69 F100
'70-'72 F100/350 (exc. ev/em)
Ventilated - locking type - 2.5" O.D.
  '67-'69 F100/350 C7AZ-9030-C Ventilated - locking type - 2.94" O.D.
  '70-'72 F100 (with ev/em) D1PZ-9030-C
Non-vented - locking type - 2.5" O.D. - chrome
Use with in-cab or auxiliary under cab fuel tank
  '67-'72 F100/350
'70-'72 F250 (84), F350 (84, 85) w/17-gal. tank
Vented anti-surge - exc. w/auxiliary fuel tanks - chrome
  '70  (with ev/em) D1PZ-9030-L Non-vented - 3.25" dia. - stainless steel
Replaces D1PZ-9030-A
  '71-'72 F100 (with ev/em) D1UZ-9030-A Non-vented - 3.25" dia. - primer finish
  '70-'72 F100 (with ev/em) D1UZ-9030-A Non-vented - 3.25" dia. - stainless steel
Use with in-cab or auxiliary under cab fuel tank
Replaces D1PZ-9030-K
9034 - Pipe Assembly, Fuel Tank Filler
  '67-'69 F100/350 C7TZ-9034-F Use with in-cab fuel tank
  '70 F100 (81) (with ev/em) D0TZ-9034-E  
  '71-'72 F100 (81) (with ev/em) D1TZ-9034-F Use with in-cab fuel tank
9047 - Hose, Fuel Tank to Filler Pipe


9049 - Hose Assembly, Fuel Tank Vent Expansion Tank
  '70 F100 (81)(with ev/em)


Used with standard in-cab tank
9069 - Grommet, Fuel Tank Vent Tube
  '70 F100/350 (exc. 84, 85)


Use with in-cab tank or with auxiliary under cab fuel tank
9080 - Grommet, Fuel Tank to Filler Neck
  '67-'69 C1TB-9080-A 1.91" I.D. - 3.17 O.D. - .91" thick
  '70-'72 D0TZ-9080-B 1.91" I.D. - 3.45 O.D. - .91" thick
9A091 - Tank Assembly, Fuel Tank Vent Expansion
  '70 F100 (with ev/em)


Use with 19.5 gallon in cab tank



Screw, chamber assy. to inner body panel
No. 10-24 x 3/8" hex washer head - self tapping
9202 - Float Assembly, Fuel Tank Sender
  '67-'72 All Trucks


Replaces C0AZ-9202-A
9275 - Gauge Assy., Fuel Tank Unit (Tank Sending Unit)
  '67-'72 F100/F350


Identified D0TF-9275-A, D2TF-9275-AA
Service pkg. includes (1) C1TF-9276-B gasket and (5) 385272 screws.
Replaces D0TZ-9275-A
9276 - Gasket, Fuel Gauge Tank Unit (for Tank Sending Unit)
  '67-'69 F100/350 (84, 85)


Cork & rubber - 2" I.D. dia. - 3.16" O.D.
.12" thick - six 5/32" dia. holes
  '67-'69 F100/350 (66, 81)
'70-'72 F100/350 (81)


Cork & rubber - 2.70" dia. - 5 holes .16" dia.
9282 - Fuel Line
  "Fuel line replacements are to be made from bulk tubing stock listed by size and part number under basic group 2269."
(Group 2269 is a listing of 25-ft. rolls of steel and plastic tubing of various sizes, as well as associated nuts, connectors and fittings.)
9324 - Hose, fuel tube connector
  See Fuel Hose / Tubing for a complete listing of fuel hoses used for in-cab and/or under-cab fuel tanks.
9D653 - Canister Assembly, Fuel Vapor Storage (charcoal canister)
  '70 F100 (with ev/em)


with 240, 300, 302 C.I.D.
  '70 F100 (with ev/em)(with 360, 390)
'71-'72 F100 (All 6 & 8 cyl.)


9D6664 - Bracket and Strap Assembly, Fuel Vapor Storage Container
  '70 F100 (with ev/em) D1BZ-9D664-A Replaces D0BZ-9D664-A
  '71-'72 F100 D1BZ-9D664-A  
    40923-S8 Screw, bracket and strap to frame
5/16"-18 x 1/2" hex. washer head self-tapping
9D667 - Tube Assembly, Fuel Vapor Storage Canister Purge Outlet (to air filter housing)
  '70-'72 F100 (with ev/em) D4ZZ-9D667-A 240, 300 cut to 35" long
302, 360, 390 cut to 41" long
Replaces D1UZ-9D667-A
9D673 - Tube, Fuel Filler Vapor Expansion Tank to Canister
  Cut as required from 8C-2269-A

Misc. Related Parts
353360-S 32 (GG143) - Clip, fuel line to front frame crossmember

353360-S 32

Used with:
20346-S (B-50) bolt
34806-S (X-64) lockwasher
33797-S (M-51) nut
353580-S (WW-61) - Grommet, fuel line to frame
  '70 F100 (with ev/em)


370050-S2 (BB537) - Screw, sending unit to tank
  '67-'72 All


 No. 10-32 x .50" hex. head slotted
372047-S100 (GG217) - Clip, fuel line to fuel tank
  '70 F100 (with ev/em)


372342-S - Tee


Hose to tube - 5/16" hose - steel
377106-S (GG235) - Clip (fuel tube)
  '67 F100/350


Nylon, use with under-cab fuel tank
378756-S32 (EE-17) - Clamp (fuel tube to fuel tank vent vapor chamber and to fuel tank)


21/64" dia. hose
379627-S (KK72) - Grommet, fuel tube front to frame side member
  '67-'72 F100/F250


(See also 383580-S KK72A)
379628-S (KK6A) - Grommet, fuel tube to floor pan
  '67-'72 F100/F350


380676-S (GG247) - Clip, fuel & brake line to frame side member
  '70 F100/350 (4x2)


L.H., nylon
  '67 F100/350


 Use w/under-cab fuel tank
383580-S KK72A - Grommet, fuel tube front to frame side member
  '70 F100/350 (81, 99)


3/8" rubber


Symbol (in the text listings or exploded-view diagram) indicates part is not supplied for service due to the following:
  a. Part is superseded and replaced as indicated in the description column of text
b. Part can be improvised as indicated in the description column of text
c. Due to it's function there would be little or no demand

You are here: Home Part Numbers Index Fuel - Fuel Tank (In Cab) & Related Items

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