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You are here: Home Photo Galleries How to Resize Graphics for Posting

How to Resize Graphics for Posting

One of the more frequently-asked questions from FORDification forum members and those wishing to post pictures of their truck in the Photo Galleries here is..."How do I resize my pictures?" currently limits a picture's pixel width and total filesize, to help keep the the site's bandwidth usage and server space down. Since many of you are taking pictures with digital cameras that produce images in high-resolution, they must be resized down for posting here.


Therefore, in the spirit of helping, I did a lot of searching and testing of various graphics editors to find one that was easy to use, intuitive and most importantly...FREE! I have found that in a program called PIXresizer from Bluefive Software.

PIXresizer is a tool for quickly generating screen-friendly versions of your images with dramatically reduced file sizes. It is a photo resizing program that enables you to quickly resize one file or a selection of image files for use on the web and in e-mail. The reduced files are saved in a different directory, so your original pictures are not changed.

The program offers several different resizing methods to choose from and can automatically recognize image sizes to calculate the best fit. PIXresizer includes a built-in image viewer and you can also convert between graphics formats: it opens and saves in .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif formats.

Since PIXresizer is freeware, it can be freely distributed. Therefore, I'll be keeping a copy of the software here on the site for downloading, and it's this software that will be used in the following photo tutorial. Alternatively, you can go directly to Bluefive Software and download the latest version.

Version 1.0.9  -  2.2MB

You will be prompted to choose a location on your computer to save the zip file to. You will need WinZip to extract the installation program. Once extracted, just double-click 'setup.exe' to install and follow the prompts. When installation is complete you should have a shortcut icon on your desktop to the installed program. Double-click the icon to open the program and then follow along below.

NOTE: PIXresizer is simply an image resizing program, not a full-featured graphics editor. It's only functions are resizing and/or rotating an image and saving it in assorted formats. If your requirements include something more, you'll need a more robust and full-featured program, like Adobe Photoshop or Corel PaintShop. PIXresizer (and the tutorial below) is a just a quick and easy way for anyone with limited computer experience to edit photos for inclusion in e-mails or posting online. It works beautifully and is so simple that anyone can resize their pictures in seconds.

Using PIXresizer


By now you should have PIXresizer installed and have the program window open and running, where you should see this:

Fig. 1

There are two tabs across the top. Make sure you have the first tab selected, (labeled 'Work with one file'). In the main window you'll see that there are four sections along the left-hand side, numbered 1 through 4. In Section No. 1 you'll select the picture you want to resize. Click the 'Load picture' button and navigate to the folder on your computer where the picture is located to select it.

Fig. 2

Your picture will then be displayed in the upper-right section of the program window. (Don't be alarmed if the picture appears to be won't be saved this way. This is just for visual reference.) You'll see in Fig. 3 that I've loaded a picture for resizing. Just below it you'll see description of the photo, including the pixel size. This one measures 1800 pixels by 1200 pixels, and is about 585KB in size. We need to get this down to a more manageable size, since this will be too large for posting.

Fig. 3

Section 2 of the program window is where you will select the new image size. You can either select one of the options in percentages or choose 'Custom size' and enter in your own dimensions (Width x Length). In wanting to keep the image no larger than 800 pixels wide, I could either choose 33% (to make it 594 pixels wide) or choose 'Custom size' and then manually enter '800' in the first box, making sure the 'Maintain aspect ratio' box is ALWAYS selected, to keep the image from being distorted. So here I'd simply change the '600' to '800' to change the image width. The new image size for this example will be 800 x 533. If the image is taller than it is wide, then it's suggested keeping the width to no more than about 400 pixels.

Fig. 4

Basically what we want to do is ensure that an image is not so large that a site visitor will have to scroll his browser to view the entire image....that is, the entire image should be visible on his monitor. Of course, since different people have their monitors set to varying screen resolutions, the above suggestions are simply a good compromise between those viewing at a lower resolution vs. those viewing with a higher setting.
Section 3 allows you to change the format in which an image is saved. The only format allowed on the website and forums is '.jpg', so just be sure that option is selected.

Then just go down to Section 4 and hit the 'Save Picture' button, where you be prompted to save the resized image to a folder on your hard drive. In Fig. 5 you can see that my original image, which was named 'DCP_1912.jpg', has been changed to 'DCP_1912 (600 x 800).jpg', to preserve the original file. In this dialog box you can rename the file to something else if you want or just leave it and choose the destination folder, and then click 'Save'.

Fig. 5

...and that's it! You're done! See how easy that was? You may now repeat the process for each of the pictures you want to resize.

However, if you have a large collection of photos to resize, you might find it's faster and easier to do a batch resize, by selecting the second tab along the top of the PIXresizer window (labeled 'Work with multiple files'). This will resize all images in a specific folder to dimensions that you choose.

If the purpose of resizing your pictures was to include them in your own album in the FORDification Photo Galleries, you can follow the link below for a basic tutorial on how to get your pictures posted there.


You are here: Home Photo Galleries How to Resize Graphics for Posting

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