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You are here: Home Ford Truck Safety Recalls 77V198000
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Ford Truck Safety Recalls



Build Years/Makes/Models: 1978 FORD F100
1978 FORD F150
1978 FORD F250
1978 FORD F350
1978 FORD E100
1978 FORD E150
1978 FORD E250
1978 FORD E350
Units affected: 30000
Recall Number: 77V198000
Owner Notification Date: January 3, 1978
Recall Creation Date: October 12, 1979
Component Description: Fuel System, Gasoline: Carburetor System
Manufacturer Involved in This Recall: Ford Motor Company
Manufacturer Responsible for This Recall: Ford Motor Company
Report Received Date: November 15, 1977
Summary: On the involved vehicles, leakage may occur at the threaded carburetor-to-fuel filter connection on the suspect carburetors. This is due to an improperly machined carburetor fuel inlet connection.
Consequence: If an ignition source is present when fuel leakage occurs, a fire could start and cause engine damage and serious injury to vehicle occupants. Note: fuel odors may indicate a leak.
Remedy: Dealer will inspect and, if necessary, will replace the carburetor without charge to owner.

Vehicle description: light trucks equipped with 300 cid engines.


You are here: Home Ford Truck Safety Recalls 77V198000

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